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Employers: Act Promptly When a Former Employee Files an UI Claim

The Louisiana Workforce Commission (LWC) will contact you when a former employee files an  unemployment claim. It is important for you to respond to all notices and requests for information within 10 days. Information should be accurate and complete. If not, you may not be allowed a non-charge of benefits or you could lose appeal rights on the claim.

You will receive either a Notices of Claim Filed or a Notice to Base Period Employers depending on when the employee last worked for you. This will request information about when and why an employee left. Your response will be compared to the claim of the employee.

You may also receive requests for additional information through an investigations mailer or other notices. Make sure to respond to these as quickly as possible. Responses to the investigations mailer can be submitted conveniently online through the “Respond to an Affidavit of Earnings Form” found under “For Employers” on the following link:

Please note that using a third-party payroll administrator, such as Sentinel Pension and Payroll, does NOT alleviate the employer’s responsibility to report information on separation of employment to the LWC.

Important things to protect you as an employer:

  • Document everything! An employee handbook is a great resource to outline company policies. Employees should sign acknowledging receipt. Other documents regarding why an employee no longer works for you, such as a resignation letter, witness statement, accounting records, etc., should be saved as well. All documentation should be submitted with your separation response.
  • Respond promptly and completely—within 10 days of the mail date listed on the form.
  • Keep a copy of all submissions.
  • Review all notifications thoroughly and engage in the appeal process promptly if you do not agree with the determination.
  • You must report any incorrect charges on your Quarterly Statement of Benefit Charges within the review period (30 days from mail date).

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